Improve infant care and sleep care for nurses and midwives

On March 21 in Hanoi, Counseling and Nursing Services Support Center- Vietnam Nurses Association and P & G Vietnam Company has signed a Memorandum of Cooperation between 2017-2020 in the framework Newborn skin care and sleep conference in Vietnam

Accordingly, both units are committed to training pediatric nurses to improve the quality of skin care and sleep for newborns in Vietnam. It is expected that more than 500 nurses will be trained to improve their skin care knowledge and skills, baby bath and sleep for newborns.

Speaking at the seminar, Pham Duc Muc, Chairman of Vietnam Nurses Association, said that the signing will create more opportunities for newborn skin care and sleep for nurses and midwives. . These are very important early care practices to ensure safety and create good habits for your baby’s development.

There are an estimated 1.5 million babies born every year in Vietnam. The skin and sleep of infants are two very important factors for the child’s physical and mental development. However, the practice of skin care and sleep for children is different at some health facilities and communities. The update of knowledge, skills and procedures of skin care and sleep for children is very necessary to help newborn healthy development from the moment of life, said Pham Duc Muc, emphasized.

At the conference, the Vietnam Nurses Association launched the training materials on “Skin Care and Sleep Newborn” which has been approved and promulgated by the Ministry of Health throughout the country. Materials include the following lectures: skin characteristics of the newborn; Skin care and bathing techniques for infants. Use of diapers for infants, Massage techniques for infants; Sleep care for babies.

Le Hao.

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