Registration & Licensing

The registration and licensing processes for Vietnamese and foreign nurses are regulated in Chapter 3 of the Law on Health Examination and Treatment (2009)

For Vietnamese nurses, applicants must meet the following conditions to be registered and licensed:

  • Granted a Nursing Qualification/Degree (Vocational school/College/University);
  • Granted a document to verify the practical experience in the practice of nursing (9 months);
  • Possession of a health certificate/personal medical examination (Qualified for the practice of nursing);
  • No record/pending investigation or having violated any technical, professional, ethical standards, local or international for the practice of nursing (Violations against Cival Law or Penal Code).

For foreign nurses, apart from the conditions above, applicants must also meet the following conditions:

  • Proficiency in Vietnamese, otherwise, a registered interpreter is required;
  • Granted a criminal record by the Original Country;
  • Granted a working permit by the authorized ministry of Vietnam (MOLISA).

Then, Vietnamese nurses could send the application dossier for registration to the Provincial Department of Health while foreign nurses to the Ministry of Health.

The application dossier of foreign nurses includes:

  1. Application form
  2. Copy of Nursing Qualification/Degree
  3. Verification document of the practical experience (9 months)
  4. Certificate of proficiency in Vietnamese or resume of the registered interpreter
  5. Health Certificate
  6. Criminal Record
  7. Working Permit

Within 60 days for local nurses and 180 days for foreign nurses, the Minister of Health or the Director of the Provincial Department of Health will review the application dossier, registering and providing a license to the applicant. Otherwise, applicants will reply in writing with reasons for rejecting the application.

For reference: The National System for Registration and Licensing