Contest for Good and Elegant Nurses – National Hospital of Paediatrics

On 21/12/2016, the National Hospital of Paediatrics will hold the finals of the prestigious 2016 prestigious Nursing Contest. This is an opportunity for nurses to train, exchange, improve their knowledge and skills. Career ethics and communicative behavior, thereby contributing to improving the quality of medical examination and treatment, satisfying the satisfaction of patients.


Participating in the contest of 15 candidates are the best nurses selected through the rounds.

At the final competition, the contestants have to undergo two competitions: Performing costumes based on politeness, neatness, beauty, grace and behavioral issues related to patient care. , Settlement mode, administrative procedures …


With the presentation of long dress, charming and excellent, intelligent, answered fluently situations set out, the first prize was awarded to contestants Nguyen Mai Huong, from the department of emergency resuscitation born; 02 second prizes were given to Candidates Quach Thi Hoa, Counseling Voluntary C and Tran Thi Hai Yen, Department of Immunology – Allergy – Joint; 03 Third Prize was awarded to Nguyen Thi Nga, Emergency Department – Duong Thi Thu – Oncology and Nguyen Van Hoan – Emergency Department.

Candidate Nguyen Mai Huong – Newborn Resuscitation Department won first prize at the contest

According to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Thanh Hai – Director of the National Hospital of Paediatrics, the hospital has more than 800 pediatric nurses, serving about 1500 inpatients, in which about 400-500 heavy patients need intensive care. know. Regular nurses must work overtime. The nursing team is an important link in the medical practice, contributing greatly to the image, reputation and success of the hospital.


At the National Hospital of Paediatrics, activities to improve knowledge, practical skills and communication and behavior of nurses are always taken care and implemented regularly. The good and elegant Nursing Contest is an opportunity for every nursing care – those who are most exposed to the patients to exchange and learn from each other, thus enhancing the spirit of service attitude. , Satisfy the patient’s satisfaction, make positive changes in the care of patients.

“The results of the competition will also serve as a basis for evaluating and classifying nurses in 2016, while selecting the truly qualified ones to foster and create managerial staffs in the future.” – Assoc. Or ..

Khanh Chi – Xuan Tung

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